1. P

    3.8, 525: Chem major finalizing school list

    ... Thanks!
  2. Wingardium Leviosa

    MD School List 2017-2018 LM 73

  3. gph997

    Where do I go from here? (MCAT Prep,ECs and etc.)

    Hello Everyone!!! I'm a long time reader of SDN, but this is the first time that I am actually posting in a thread! I am currently a sophomore at a top 50 university located in New York. I have actually created my own major through a special program, however I am on the accelerated track to...
  4. M

    503 MCAT, 3.8GPA

    Hi all, Got my MCAT scores today and got a 503 (Not as well as I had hoped but still 63rd percentile or so). I'm trying to figure out my chances at med schools around my area. I am from Wisconsin and have a 3.80 GPA studying BioMolecular Engineering. I have accumulated 100 hours of clinical...