1. Asclepius293

    3 Weeks to MCAT. 499 Full Length :/

    Hey all, I have a little over 3 weeks until my MCAT. I took a Kaplan course for the last few months and have been self studying. However, I'm worried about my practice test scores. I got 499 on a Kaplan Diagnostic 497 on Kaplan Full Length 2 499 on Kaplan Full Length 1 (Took #1 after #2) I'm...
  2. Jesse2490

    Odds of getting into medical school/ideas to help boost application?

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into my odds of getting into medical school this year. GPA: 3.82 Science GPA: 3.71 MCAT: 499 Phys = 126 Soc = 126 CARS = 124 Bio = 123 Volunteering/Shadowing: 40 hours job shadowing a neurosurgeon 15 hours volunteering at homeless...