4th year electives

  1. T

    Self-designed outpatient business elective

    Hello, I'm an MS3 wrapping up my 3rd year and starting to think about my 4th year schedule. I ultimately want to open my own private family medicine practice or join a small group in a rural or small town area, and I want to tailor my remaining education with that goal in mind. Like many others...
  2. Q

    SGU 4th year schedule

    Hello SDN! I am trying to plan my wedding between finishing 4th year and starting residency but am having a hard time choosing a date because I can't find any information regarding when 4th year rotations end and when graduation will be for SGU. I was thinking June but was told the graduation...
  3. W

    4th Year Auditions - Desperate for advice

    Hi everyone! Like all other third years I'm in the process of setting up 4th year audition rotations and am in desperate need of advice since our school has been lacking in that department. For auditions, is it better to apply widely and then potentially have to reject some programs or is it...
  4. House911MD

    Useful non-EM electives for Emergency Medicine applicants?

    What non-EM electives do you think would be useful to take 4th year (maybe ones that EM residency training doesn't give enough practice in)? I've already done a SICU elective and am scheduled for a radiology and an EKG one, but I might still have some room for a few more 2 and/or 4 week. I've...