1. MD95

    MD 3.65 sGPA/cGPA 504 MCAT re-applicant WAMC?

    Hey guys, I'm currently on the waitlist at my top school of choice (also happens to be the only place I interviewed at), but am also preparing for the 2018 cycle in case I don't get pulled off the waitlist. I sent out my application rather late last cycle (secondaries sent out in...
  2. K

    Can i get a 504+?

    Hi guys! im taking my test in about a week and i really wanted to know if getting above a 504 is likely here! Ive been constantly reading that these practice tests are hard but i dont know how they would compare on the real test. Princeton FL: Demo Test: 497 Test 1: 498 Test 2: 497 EK: EK 1...
  3. H

    MD 504 MCAT 3.90 cGPA, similar sGPA

    Hello everyone. After receiving my MCAT score yesterday, my plans were thrown into a bit of confusion. I am in the middle of MD applications and was expecting to do close to my AAMC practice test score of 511. Instead, I received a 504. I have been pondering whether to take the MCAT again in...