1. G

    MD & DO 509, 3.95, Rural interest, Need help cutting list down

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate comments or advice on my list. I submitted July 3 with my state school and now I'm adding the rest. I would like 20 MD and 5 DO (good numbers?). I have an interest in rural medicine, but to be honest I'm not set on any discipline. I have about 12 MD confirmed on...
  2. S

    MD WAMC and School List

  3. Senescence kid

    MD & DO School List: 3.6 GPA 509 MCAT Re-applying ; really need help

    Hello all , I am a re-applicant who did not get any interviews this past cycle (completed early Sept). I would really like help with a school list for DO and MD. I spoke to some people on admissions and I was told I did not have any red flags except for a low MCAT. They did not comment on PS...
  4. L

    3.69 cGPA, 3.43 sGPA, 509 MCAT, URM

    Hello, I was wondering what my chances were for this medical school application cycle. This is my first post, so I'm not very familiar with this site. African American Female attending a usual public university (nothing special). Michigan Resident. 3.69 cGPA, 3.48 sGPA, 509 MCAT Low GPA, I...