1. neutralobserver

    Retaking March 24th and used all AAMC resources already.

    So I had intended on taking the Jan 25th exam, and I still am, but voiding it due to practice FL scores not at my target (510+). :( I am planning on going for the March 24th one, but I have an issue. I have used all the AAMC resources (3 practice FL's, SB's, OG, etc.) and I used most of my TPR...
  2. R

    3.9cGPA/3.85sGPA/510 MCAT... retake?

    Hi guys! I got my MCAT back today, and was really really happy with it at first! But when I told my parents about it, my dad (a doctor) said it's a poor score, and now I'm kind of crushed and scared that it's not good enough. Do you think I stand a chance at getting into a medical school...