516 mcat

  1. J

    MD 4.0 GPA, 516 MCAT REJECTED. Help!

    My info: Submitted primary for class of 2028 early June Schools attended: two CC's from '20-'22, UCI '22-'24 Major: BA psychology, 4 AA's earned Medical prerequisites: all completed Overall GPA: 3.98, MCAT: 516, preview exam: 92nd percentile Work experience: 9 months/500 hours hands on in...
  2. koster35

    Final school list 516, 3.99 GPA

    Hi guys! I asked for help a couple of weeks ago; but I feel that I have my final list narrowed down. I am just looking for approval and/or any last minute suggestions: I am a white male graduate of Brigham Young University in Utah. I have a 516 and 3.99 GPA. I have good EC's with a few years...
  3. koster35

    516, 3.99 GPA; what schools should I apply to?

    Hi all, I’m a caucasian male from BYU in Utah. I have a 516 and 3.99 GPA. I have good leadership experiences. I have 800+ hours working as a CNA at a hospital. I have volunteered the last three years as a CNA at a volunteer clinic for those under the poverty line (totaling 150 hours). I have...
  4. A

    Please help with school list! Cgpa 3.75 sgpa 3.68 516 mcat

    Hi guys! KY resident here. My stats are 3.75 cgpa, 3.68 sgpa, and 516 MCAT. Important extracurriculars - 220 hours clinical shadowing in pediatric hospital (various specialties) - 30 hours clinical volunteering in ED - 180 hours in peer health education (leadership role in this organization) -...
  5. G

    3.7cGPA,3.8sGPA,516 MCAT, Huge Upward Trend

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