5th year

  1. P

    5th year undergrad or post-bacc?

    ~CA resident I'm currently a 4th year at a UC and I'm going to be graduating with a cGPA of 3.43 and sGPA of 3.49. I initially planned to do a post-bacc program after graduation to try and raise my GPA for med school applications. Do you think it would be a better idea/stand out more if instead...
  2. W

    More undergrad or...?

    I have read hundreds of blogs on here, including all that relate to this question. However I was hoping for more guidance. I am a biomedical engineering student starting senior year and will probably graduate w/ 3.2. I have strong EC (shadowing,research,etc). I was thinking it would be better...
  3. T

    5th Year - Re-take Courses or Take Easy A's?

    I am a Canadian student and plan to take a 5th year (switched my degree part way and now a few credits behind). I was wondering if it would be better to take a bunch of courses that I can easily get an A in or re-take courses I did not do well in in first and second year (i.e C courses)?
  4. A

    5th year Undergrad vs. Masters Program

    Hey everyone, To get it out of the way, here are my current stats cGPA: 3.30 sGPA:3.07 MCAT: 31 I've done a lot of searching on this topic on my own, but I feel that my case is specific enough to warrant its own post. I am currently a 4th year Psychology major and was (originally) planning on...
  5. anosmic

    Schools with a free 5th year for additional degree/coursework

    I would like to combine studying medicine with going after a second degree, like an MBA, or maybe just taking some coursework in the humanities during an additional 5th year. Some programs (e.g. Yale) offer the option of pursuing such interests free of tuition for the extra year. In previous...