7 year dental program

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    Chances of getting in 7/8 year dental programs

    Hi all I recently applied to many accelerated/dual admission dental programs and wanted to know what my chances are of getting into any. Programs: Lehigh/Upenn Muhlenberg/Upenn Villanova/Upenn Marquette/Marqutte Nova Southeastern/NSU NJIT/Rutgers Detroity Mercy/ UDM Ramapo/LECOM My SAT score...
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    Dual Admissions Program

    I am currently in a 7 year accelerated dual admissions dental program but have the ability to apply out to other dental schools without losing my spot at my home institution. Would it be beneficial to include my dual admissions program on my AADSAS application or would it look better to leave it...
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    Dual Admission 7/8 Year Dental Program

    Hello all, I am an incoming senior right now, hoping to get into a 7 or 8 year dental program and I had a few questions about the likelihood of my acceptance. I have an SAT superscore of 2240 (CR: 670, Math 800, writing 770) and my GPA unweighted is a 3.4 and weighted is a 4.0. I know a lot...
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    How I got into an accelerated dental program as a high school senior

    Hello! I'm a high school senior, but I got accepted to University of the Sciences' accelerated 7 year BS/DMD program. I got a lot of advice here on SDN during my freshman-junior year while I was trying to get into these programs, so I figured I should give back, so I'm making this thread to...