aadsas applciation

  1. D

    No interviews yet, do i have a chance?!!

    Hey everyone! I applied in middle of August to 12 schools and only heard back from one school rest still says recieved/under review. I know I applied a bit late but i am seeing people getting interviews who applied in august and i feel like schools have tossed my application in 'unsure' pile. Do...
  2. J

    Using Interfolio to send LOR's???

    Hello I am working on my AADSAS applicaton right now, and I am wondering how to link my interfolio account with my AADSAS application? I have a couple of LOR's in my interfolio already do I need to send LOR requests through the AADSAS app also?
  3. D

    Where to put CPR certification?

    Firstly, if I'm CPR certified, should I even include this somewhere on my AADSAS app? Secondly, if I should, then what is the most appropriate sub-experience to place it under? Thanks!
  4. D

    Submit application

    Hi: I have nearly finished with all of the application. But I have not let anyone check my supplement short essay (within 1000 or 500 characters) yet. Today is June 30th. Should I submit them now or just wait until July 3rd(when the on-campus writing center open)? Is it too late? By the way...
  5. I

    How many dental schools should I apply to?

    Very common question at this time of the year. Just trying to get all the help I can get :] Money is an issue at the moment and I would really appreciate advice from those who have applied and those who were in a similar position as me. I live in California. My number one realistic/desired...
  6. predental808

    Secondary Application advice

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some advice foe the secondary application. A lot of schools ask... "Why ___ School of Dentistry?" Would you recommend to highlight many aspects of the school, or just focus on maybe 2 unique things that really stand out to you? At first I was...
  7. D

    Describe employment experience in dental school application

    Hi, I am applying to dental school. For employment experience, I was hired as a student cook by an on-campus dining service during freshman year. Then, I was promoted to student manager. What should I write for the "title"? Student manager or student cook? How could I count the hours?Thank you.
  8. I


    Hey guys quick question. So i paid for my transcripts to be professionally entered but i didn't know you had to enter any planned coursework before doing that. So my question is would i be able to go back and add planned coursework (prereqs for some schools) after submitting my AADSAS?
  9. mroerdh22

    Score Question

    I took my DAT today. Thankful to be done!! Quick question: I have already submitted my ADEA AADSAS application and at the time put my projected date of testing. Do I go back in and enter my unofficial scores and save it or will the scores just automatically populate. This may have already been...
  10. E

    AADSAS Professional Experience Questions

    I was something called a "peer mentor" for biochemistry and I was wondering what category this should go under. My role was similar to a TA except I did not grade. I attended all class sessions as well as a weekly team meeting to go over what as to be taught that week. Also should the brief...
  11. D

    (stupid) Question about filling out AADSAS application

    So...when I fill out the application will there be an option to save my answers? That way I can fill out over a period of a few days. Or will I have to fill it out right away and submit it then and there.