aamc sample test

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  2. little_giant

    AAMC Sample Test Date

    Hey yall :D When we get an expected and guaranteed range for the MCAT based on the Sample Test (unscored) results, is this assuming the student took it a week before the real thing? Im asking because I scored 80%/85%/83%/81% which NS converter translates to a 511 and the reddit excel one gives...
  3. F

    AAMC Sample Test Score

    I recently took the AAMC Sample test as my first practice test (my tutor is trying to have me use mostly AAMC stuff instead of third-party material since AAMC is the most indicative) and here was my score break down. P/S- 32/59 right- 54% right total CARS- 32/53 right- 60% right total B/B-...