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  1. explorer012

    Primary application Submission

    Hi all, Is submitting a primary application at the end of September too late? The deadlines for schools are November/ December. I know the verification process takes ~6wks at this time. If a deadline is December 1st. Does that mean I have to submit by AT LEAST October 15th to get the...
  2. H

    Confused if I qualify as disadvantaged applicant

    My dad's an allied health professional but we mostly lived in lower middle class status in Asia since he worked for rural and underserved populations. I went to a crappy public school for most of my life until I got accepted to a charter school equivalent for high school. Learnt ESL when I was...
  3. J

    My past grades are haunting me! End of my medical career ?

    Hello guys, unfortunately i have been awaken by a harsh reality of my GPA bear with me here please. In the past i had no goals in my mind and i was having rough time when i was taking my classes. i am 25 at the moment and i am talking about the courses that i took 6-7 years ago where i had...
  4. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS Letter Packet

    My university is collecting all of my letters of recommendation for me, and sending them all to AAMCAS as a packet. Now, since I can't break up the packet into individual letters, I have to send the entire thing to every med school I apply to? What if the packet contains 4 letters, and the...
  5. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS AP Credit/Duel enrollment complication

    So I've found myself in a unique situation. I took a class in high school for dual-enrollment, and got community college credit. However, I also got AP credit for the same class from taking the AP test. Don't ask me why I took the AP test while also having dual-enrollment, I have no freaking...
  6. begoood95

    How important is "crafting a narrative"?

    --Begin rant/confession/vent-- Honestly, this frightens me a bit. At least on SDN, it seems that in addition to "checking all the boxes" (or whatever you want to call it), in order to be a stellar applicant, you must also have this "narrative" -- beautifully crafted in such a fanciful way that...
  7. D

    Which of my Biomedical Engineering Classes Count Towards the Science GPA?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took: https://umshare.miami.edu/web/wda/engineeringfiles/BME/courseseq/2012/BMEPREQ.pdf Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II...
  8. K

    Applying w/o a physician recommendation?

    I have very good stats (GPA and MCAT), leadership positions, some clinical shadowing, lots of research, come from a "prestigious" undergrad school. I am going to have at least 4 very solid reccs from professors and my lab PI. However, I do not have a personal relationship with a physician. I...