1. W

    "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?"

    I am filling out the application, and one question asks "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?" My mother went to medical school before immigrating to the US and obtained an MBBS, but never practiced (in that country or in the US). In the US, she was...
  2. explorer012

    Primary application Submission

    Hi all, Is submitting a primary application at the end of September too late? The deadlines for schools are November/ December. I know the verification process takes ~6wks at this time. If a deadline is December 1st. Does that mean I have to submit by AT LEAST October 15th to get the...
  3. H

    Confused if I qualify as disadvantaged applicant

    My dad's an allied health professional but we mostly lived in lower middle class status in Asia since he worked for rural and underserved populations. I went to a crappy public school for most of my life until I got accepted to a charter school equivalent for high school. Learnt ESL when I was...
  4. D

    My past grades are haunting me! End of my medical career ?

    Hello guys, unfortunately i have been awaken by a harsh reality of my GPA bear with me here please. In the past i had no goals in my mind and i was having rough time when i was taking my classes. i am 25 at the moment and i am talking about the courses that i took 6-7 years ago where i had...
  5. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS Letter Packet

    My university is collecting all of my letters of recommendation for me, and sending them all to AAMCAS as a packet. Now, since I can't break up the packet into individual letters, I have to send the entire thing to every med school I apply to? What if the packet contains 4 letters, and the...
  6. ArtMajor

    AAMCAS AP Credit/Duel enrollment complication

    So I've found myself in a unique situation. I took a class in high school for dual-enrollment, and got community college credit. However, I also got AP credit for the same class from taking the AP test. Don't ask me why I took the AP test while also having dual-enrollment, I have no freaking...
  7. begoood95

    How important is "crafting a narrative"?

    --Begin rant/confession/vent-- Honestly, this frightens me a bit. At least on SDN, it seems that in addition to "checking all the boxes" (or whatever you want to call it), in order to be a stellar applicant, you must also have this "narrative" -- beautifully crafted in such a fanciful way that...
  8. D

    Which of my Biomedical Engineering Classes Count Towards the Science GPA?

    Hey guys, I took Biomedical Engineering at the University of Miami, and these are the specific courses that I took: https://umshare.miami.edu/web/wda/engineeringfiles/BME/courseseq/2012/BMEPREQ.pdf Out of these, I know for sure that all the pre-reqs will count, i.e. Chem I/II, Bio I/II...
  9. K

    Applying w/o a physician recommendation?

    I have very good stats (GPA and MCAT), leadership positions, some clinical shadowing, lots of research, come from a "prestigious" undergrad school. I am going to have at least 4 very solid reccs from professors and my lab PI. However, I do not have a personal relationship with a physician. I...