1. P

    Anesthesiology OSCE Exam

    Hi guys last year I took the SOE and OSCE. Unfortunately I did not pass the OSCE part. Based on them I failed in the non technical parts of the OSCE. Informed consent, the QI, etc. US and diagnostic station I did great. My point is that I really don't know what else to do for this OSCE. I...
  2. C


    I am an anesthesia residency graduated from Boston University in 2004. Practiced anesthesia in the US from 2005 to 2011, then I moved to Colombia (South America) where I practiced anesthesia until 2015. This year I am back to the US. I never became Board Certified. Can I now become Board...
  3. kazuma

    Oral and Written Board Study Materials for Sale (Audio + Books)

    All prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM or Post in this thread. Paypal accepted. Written Boards: Osler Institute Anesthesiology Audio Review: 6 Discs plus Digital Syllabus. New $475, My Price $110 Shipped Great for the commute. ACE Question books: (all spiral bound and unmarked/no...
  4. J

    MA in Applied Behavioral Analysis?

    Hi, I am highly considering applying to the Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Analysis program at River University. There isn't a thesis required, only the test to gain certification (the program is BACB certified). There is no GRE requirement, and no specific psychology prerequisites for...