academic record

  1. B

    DIY Post Bacc with Undergrad Courses or Non-degree Graduate Courses?

    Hello, I recently just graduated college with a cGPA of 3.29 and a sGPA of 2.8. I intended to apply to different degree granting post-baccs for Fall 2021, but at the last minute decided not to apply due to financial reasons. In undergrad, while I struggled in some of my science courses, I was...
  2. 010011

    GPA fluctuation & essay

    I experienced a significant GPA drop from about a 3.7 to a 3.1 (by semester, cumulative did not significantly change) and I am wondering if and how I should address this in my essay? My GPA climbed back up after a couple semesters, so it's not just a downward trend. The contributing factor for...
  3. C

    How much can you 'fix' a poor academic history?

    Let me start by saying that I take full responsibility for my poor grades in the past. I had a rough family life growing up but I was also lazy and unmotivated (also depressed). I graduated high school with a 1.9 GPA and started at the local community college taking classes on and off for 2...
  4. D

    Did anyone come from a not so good academic record in high school?

    Curious because I did horrible in high school and now I'm doing exceptionally well in college. Hopefully the answers you guys give me will give me some motivation because I'll feel like I'm not the only one.