1. H

    How to get a career in academics ?

    Hello guys ! I have just matched into a IM community program (probably univ, affiliated). Hoping to go into fellowship. What are the options for going into academics later on (teaching, research) ? Do these positions require extra credentials ? And is it possible to get involved even after i...
  2. M

    Withdraw or take the C

    Hello! My girlfriend (and I) have applied this cycle and are also seniors in college. She has a good GPA at 3.83 but is really struggling with a class for her math minor. She is debating dropping the class and getting the withdraw, or struggling through it and potentially getting a C. If she...
  3. B

    Help!!! Dumb Freshman Needs Reassurance

    soooooo, Im finishing my first year of college and my GPA is trash. First semester I only got a 3.03 and this semester only looks like ill be getting a 3.4 at best. Are my chances already over? Should I start looking into post-bac programs now?(nothing wrong with post-bac or anything) I just...
  4. Mass_Effect

    Pros & Cons of Community Programs vs. University Programs for Diagnostic Radiology

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to understand the advantages and disadvantages for Community vs. University programs specifically for Diagnostic Radiology. As far as I know, if you're trying to pursue academics or a fellowship, then you need to go into a university program. Are there any benefits...
  5. G

    My stats

    Currently I am a junior going to be a senior and getting a Degree in Biomedical Engineering. I got an Associates Degree and finished my general chemistry and general biology and general physics there. I had a 3.2 gpa from there and currently in college I have a 2.3 gpa due to organic chemistry...
  6. P

    Have never gotten an A in a science class

  7. KSUCPMstudent

    All-In-One KSUCPM Thread

    Hello, I am a KSUCPM student who has been selected to serve as a resource for any questions related to KSUCPM. Feel free to inquire about the application process, student life, workload, facilities, professors, or anything else. I will do my best to answer all questions in a honest, thorough...
  8. icaruswalks