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    Chances of getting in 7/8 year dental programs

    Hi all I recently applied to many accelerated/dual admission dental programs and wanted to know what my chances are of getting into any. Programs: Lehigh/Upenn Muhlenberg/Upenn Villanova/Upenn Marquette/Marqutte Nova Southeastern/NSU NJIT/Rutgers Detroity Mercy/ UDM Ramapo/LECOM My SAT score...
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    Temple's 3+4 Accelerated Dental Program?

    Can I get accepted with one C in PE? The rest of my grades are mostly A's, I have a 4.0 GPA. Should I still try to apply even with that one bad grade? Thank you.
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    I got an interview at a LECOM BA/DDS program; should I go?

    This is my first post on SDN. I am a senior living in Northern Virginia and I applied to Gannon university's BA/DDS program with LECOM. I am positive I want to be a dentist. I applied on a whim because there were no application fees. My question is that even if I got into the program, should I...


    Hello, I have recently committed to NYU's 7-year BA/DDS program. I received excellent financial aid and my parents are covering the rest of the cost so I should be coming out of undergrad debt-free. I just wanted to know if there are any other people on this site that are currently in this...
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    What are my chances at an accelerated dental program? (HELP)

    I'm current a high school senior student and I would like to know what my chances are at a accelerated dental program. I'm thinking about applying to uconn for their 7 year program. My info: -African American Male -3.9 GPA UW -1250 SAT (will take again and scores are still coming in, estimate my...
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    How I got into an accelerated dental program as a high school senior

    Hello! I'm a high school senior, but I got accepted to University of the Sciences' accelerated 7 year BS/DMD program. I got a lot of advice here on SDN during my freshman-junior year while I was trying to get into these programs, so I figured I should give back, so I'm making this thread to...

    Chances for accelerated dental programs?