accelerated nursing

  1. TampaBayFlorida

    **Please Give Me Allied Health Program Advice**

    Please give me any advice you think would be beneficial to augmenting my student/professional record as well as directing me towards a particular Allied Health field. What will make me a better candidate? What I’m doing now: Taking prerequisites (at a community college) for Allied Health...
  2. anniethedog

    Accelerated Nursing School or Masters?

    I am currently doing an informal post-baccalaureate program, and am wondering, would it look good to go get a Masters or an accelerated nursing school program? I am looking to raise my science GPA but don't know if nursing would be a good option. I'm just trying to think of options in case I do...
  3. B

    Leaving Accelerated Nursing Program to Pursue Dental School?

    I want to go to dental school, but I am in a 13month accelerated nursing program to get my BSN now. I just completed the first semester of the program this month, and I currently have a year to go. However, I have been having second thoughts about nursing. I wanted to go to nursing school to...