1. S

    MD-1, Tore ACL - depressed and struggling whether medicine is for me

    I'm 2 months from being done with my first year but I'm really depressed most days and have bad bad anxiety. Coming into medical school I was happy and optimistic about life. However, I tore my ACL during intramurals early in the school year and my life has been pretty tough since. I went...
  2. SterlingMaloryArcher

    Would it be appropriate for an AEMT to take AMLS?

    I understand ACLS and PALS are more EMT-I99 and Medic level because of all the EKGs and cardiac drugs, even though I've heard of basics taking it before, I don't really see the reason. Asking because I don't want to waste my time on a certification that has no real value.
  3. UK doc

    Life Support Simulator for ACLS practice

    Hi, my name's Rob and I'm an Advanced Life Support instructor (ALCS equivalent) in the UK, as well as a doctor in cardiology. And don't worry, I don't want your money! I've been project lead on developing a resuscitation simulation app, which is now in the final stages of development. We're...
  4. K

    PALS Certification for Anesthesiologists?

    Hey guys, Our Chief Medical Officer dug up an old regulation that requires all anesthesia providers maintain current PALS certification. Don't know about you, but this was news to me and will be a giant pain in the ass to get all of my providers certified if this is the direction they decide to...
  5. CPRByJeremy

    [NY] CPR / ACLS / First Aid Training in the NY Metro Area at YOUR Location

    CPR By Jeremy 845-444-CPR1 (2771) Training at YOUR home, dorm, or any location that's convenient for YOU! We offer BCLS, ACLS, Heartsaver First Aid, and more! So we've all been in a situation where we had to rearrange our schedule just to attend a CPR or ACLS Class. Why should classes not be...
  6. Underwoa

    Phlebotomy and ACLS Course.

    I have been scouring the web for a reliable source that provides Phlebotomy and/or ACLS certification with no luck. Does anybody know of a good way to find this? If it matters I am located in Central Virginia. I was also wondering if you need BCLS cert to even attempt ACLS course or can you...