1. calvangri

    Tulane ACLP 2018-2019

    I decided to make a thread ahead of the application period opening up. I spoke with Tulane a few days ago and they said they would be updating their website soon to reflect the new cycle. And for those new to this thread, the Anatomy Certification & Leadership Program (Previously Anatomy...
  2. E

    Appalachian COP Interview

    Hi all! Just got invited to an interview at ACP. Does anyone have any tips or pointers for me, please? My interview is in February! Thanks in advance! :)
  3. J

    Open House @ Appalachian College of Pharmacy

    The Appalachian College of Pharmacy would like to invite you to visit our beautiful campus in Oakwood, Virginia to learn more about a career in pharmacy. If interested in attending our Open House on October 15, 2016, please RSVP at
  4. chompsss

    Army AEGD with ACP (Advanced Clinical Practice Program)

    Hello, Does anybody have more information on the ACP program through the Army? I know that if you do the 12-month Army AEGD and the Advanced Clinical Practice Program afterward, that you are able to get an $18k, $27k or $35k bonus per year, but I can't find much information about the ACP...
  5. chompsss

    Navy AEGD/GPR - Pay bump?

    Hello, I know that with the Army, if you do the 12-month AEGD and the Advanced Clinical Practice Program afterwards (I've heard it's self-paced but some people have mentioned completing it in 8 months), it entitles you to between $18,000 and $35,000 more per year as a bonus. If one does a Navy...