acs exam

  1. S

    Organic Chem ACS

    Hi, taking ochem 2 right now and contemplating buying the ACS study guide. My professor is not going to do much review for the exam, but has posted select problems from the chemistry GRE exam to prepare us for the exam. Is this adequate for studying, or should i just suck it up and purchase the...
  2. blairww

    Did Anyone Else Bomb the ACS Gen Chem I Final?

    So I know that the averages are pretty low for the ACS finals (averages of about 50%), but I thought I could at least get a C+/B without any sort of curve. I just took the ACS Gen Chem I final today and definitely failed because I couldn't finish it on time. I did manage to bubble in D's for...
  3. J

    ACS Organic Chemistry Final Score Question

    I need to get a 53% on the final to keep the grade I have. My professor said that 41/70 is a 78%, since that is the national average. Can anyone tell me what number (out of 70) would constitute a 53%? I really don't know much about this exam, and the percentiles / grading system, since my...