adat experience

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    ADAT Knockout vs Crack the ADAT??

    Looking to take the ADAT this semester, but I keep seeing conflicting opinions about different studying materials. Anyone have any advice regarding ADAT knockout or crack the ADAT? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
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    ADAT Knockout

    For anyone that has used ADAT Knockout and taken the ADAT, would you mind sharing the average percentages you were achieving from Knockout and how it compared score-wise to the ADAT? Trying to get an idea of where I'm at. Thanks!
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    ADAT Practice Test by ADA

    Anybody else notice that there are multiple wrong answers on the ADAT practice exam by the ADA??? For example number 35 is A not C. source: An evaluation of factors associated with persistent primary teeth in the European Journal of Orthodontics. Or number 5 is C, not D I think 9 is C not A but...
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    My ADAT Experience

    So I just took the ADAT and here is my personal breakdown: How I studied: I spent 2 months total studying for this exam. I spent the first month learning/reviewing the material using board busters for the biomedical sciences and mosby’s nbde part II for the clinical sciences. The second month...