1. H

    Adderall and studying

    I attend medical school in Egypt, and I'm having serious trouble organizing time and studying. It's my second year here, and things are getting harder on me. I was suggested to try Adderall to help me focus during my studies. What are your thoughts on this? If not, what are your tips to maximize...
  2. B

    MD & DO Doctors creating addicts?

    Is anyone else concerned about the way SOME doctors are pumping out addictive substances? I've done a few rotations through a lot of clinics now, and MOST doctors are cutting back on prescribing controlled substances. And if they're not trying to cutback on prescribing these medications, then...
  3. Clarus

    Adderall Survey

    How many of you have used or taken Adderall? I'm curious to what number of students in colleges have taken it for explicit reasons such as trying to stay up all night to pass an anatomy exam or taking it for actually medically directed reasons by a doctor. It seems like this problem has been...
  4. collectedgp

    Stimulant and admission

  5. Mason91

    AD(H)D diagnosis help

  6. doc4kids93

    Recently diagnosed with ADD. Now what?

    I'm in my senior year of undergrad and throughout college I had been constantly struggling with being distracted. Even when I put away my electronics and only had a pen, notebook and textbook, I would daydream (sometimes for 10 minutes at a time). My friend suggested I might have ADHD (I'm also...
  7. Statin

    Illinois Controlled Substance Laws?

    What are the laws regarding having multiple controls on the same prescription? Whether it be two or more schedule II controlled substances or two schedule III - V on the same prescription sheet or a mix of both C II-C V? I tried doing some googling but couldn't narrow down my search but couldn't...
  8. Heist


    Any major cardiac contraindications you see with stims? I see patients with hocm, rbbb, MVP etc who would benefit from stims but I am concerned given the cardiac warning with stims. What do you think is the best way to help patients? I get thorough cardiac family history as well.
  9. K

    Can a physician rewrite a prescription for a lost controlled substance script?

    I've been on Adderall since 8/2010 and have never lost a prescription given to me from my physician. On 10/30/15 I went to see my doctor for my semi-annual, scheduled II drug doctor visit and he wrote me 3 scripts. One was for November 2015, which I filled a few days later, the other two were...