1. P

    ADEX help

  2. wengerout

    How does the CDCA/ADEX compare to CRDTS?

    How do the two exams compare?
  3. J

    ***DSE/ADEX ***

    Hello to all. I have searched the site but only found old information. What is the best current study guides for DSE? I am studying in SoCal and my University only focuses on the WREB(western regional board) Would studying for regular NBDE II be enough? Thanks for the help and wish you all...
  4. Brig7

    CDCA (NERB) and California

    Hey guys, I'm a rising 3rd year at Pitt, but am from California, and am hoping CA gets organized with the CDCA exams by the time I could be taking them. Can anyone shed some light on this? Officially it's been said that 2017 is the "Expected Acceptance" year for the CDCA in CA. But I've also...
  5. zubik_kubik

    ADEX study materials

    Need study materials for DSE portion of ADEX. Also, any advice on studying for Florida law? Thanks!
  6. LLUDDS15

    Dental Board Busters - ADEX/NERB (CDCA) DSE Book

    Some highlighting, but book is in nearly new condition. $100 and it's your book.
  7. O


    Hola! I'm wondering if there are any dentists from the Caribbean who have taken the Adex exam. I found out recently that ADEX is being offered in Jamaica and I'm considering doing it there. If anyone would be willing to give any tips, help, advice on how to successfully obtain Adex status? Also...
  8. K

    Florida Dental Boards Prep ADEX Gordy vs Becker HELP!

    Hello! I'm an out-of-state dentist (2010 grad) looking to become licensed in Florida. I know I have to retake the ADEX exam including DSE and all patient portions. My question is whether anyone has updated information regarding the Becker course (Florida Dental Licensure Specialists --...