admission requirement

  1. Totakeover

    English Credit requirement

    Hey Guys, I’m a Canadian student who is considering US dental schools, and i see most of them requires English credits. I’m wondering if anyone know if that meant any course that titles “English####” or taking writing, linguistics counts as well. If yes, does that go for all the US schools...
  2. F

    Does this count as clinical volunteering?

    A description of the volunteering role is "keep up with patient statuses and ensuring their families/friends that things are going well and moving along, as well as offering services to the patient families - everything from a place to have a nap, have a drink, or chance to relax in a quiet...
  3. P

    MD Chances for a Business Owner

    Hi, I'm currently a 19 year old Canadian premed student in the 3rd year of my undergrad. My GPA is ~3.9, and i was wondering if being the owner of a small investing business that i founded would make my application more competitive to med schools? I have also developed my own website to help...
  4. J

    English Requirement for Podiatry School

    . How strict is the requirement in terms of the course being labeled as an English course? For example. if I have taken multiple classes and labs that involve a writing intensive aspect, will those courses count towards that English requirement? Or does that course specifically have to be an...
  5. W

    QUESTION: Started the semester with 14 credits and ended with 11 Cr

    QUESTION: Started the semester with 14 credits and a Withdrawal (W) resulted in finishing it with 11 credits. According to my school, I did not end the semester as a full time student so will this look bad to med schools even though I'll still graduate in 4 years?
  6. F

    Romania application help

    I'm from the US, and I want to start med school in Romania during the fall of 2016, I just graduated from highschool. Is there anyone that can help me with applications? and what is the GPA requirement for Romania's medical programs