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    Medical The 3 Main Phases of the Medical School Application Process

    It’s no secret that the medical school application process is a long and difficult road. Applying to medical school can take from nine months, up to a year! So when should you begin? How does the process work? To start off SDN’s Admissions Prep week, here’s an outline of the 3 main phases of...
  2. M

    Ohio State Physical Therapy Admissions Process

    I applied to Ohio State for physical therapy and have received emails to complete their supplemental application. I completed that and then received an email asking me to activate my Ohio State User ID. My guess is that they do this for everyone, but I just wanted to check. Does anyone know the...
  3. F

    Romania Application Help

    I'm from the US, and I want to start med school in Romania during the fall of 2016, I just graduated from high school. Is there anyone that can help me with applications? and what is the GPA requirement for Romania's medical programs?
  4. D

    For Sale MCAT/MED SCHOOL GUIDE BOOKS FOR SALE: Berkeley Review, Examkrackers, The Princeton Review and more!

    Hello! Getting rid of all my MCAT books and guides on medical school admissions! I hope these will help you as much as they helped me! *full set of Berkeley Review books (Chem, O Chem, Physics, and Bio Parts 1 and 2) in good to very good condition, minimal highlighting in first pages of...
  5. J

    Academic misconduct, application process

    I wrote a thesis proposal for an honor's class 3 semesters ago. My proposal was over the organic chemistry research I would be doing under a former professor. He sent my a imcomplete document with the research I would be performing under him and used his mission statement and methods as a part...
  6. K

    Resume Help

    A few pharmacy schools are requesting I attach my resume along with the supplemental application. Can I get some advice in regards to what I should add/remove? My resume I used when I applied for a pharmacy tech position includes my PCAT score, relevant coursework, address and other contact...
  7. 9909

    How much weight do great LORs carry in the post interview process?

    I found this AAMC data showing that to get a II, GPA > MCAT > LORs fall in such an order of importance, but to get the acceptance, interview and LOR raise to the top. https://www.aamc.org/download/261106/data/aibvol11_no6.pdf I have been curious lately, as I have met so many great, charismatic...