1. J

    What are some ways to advertise a solo psychiatry practice?

    What are some ways to advertise a new cash-only solo psychiatry practice? Where do most people practicing in that setting get their patient referrals?
  2. B

    For Sale

    Hello, I have recently acquired the URL The website URL is for sale and I'm willing to take offers if interested. Whether your last name is Harvard or you graduated from Harvard, is a prime way to market yourself as a doctor or your practice!
  3. Asclepius293

    Kaplan MCAT Resources (Course Workbook, 7 review books, + 1400 flashcards) for sale!

    Hey SDN family, Just got my MCAT scores back (did really well! :)) and am now looking to sell my review resources from the Kaplan course I took to study. This includes: -the most recent 7 book subject review (CARS, Physics and Math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry...
  4. J

    Public Health vs Health Communications

    I am debating between these two degrees. I am also interested in Health Journalism which is a concentration within communications. Can anyone provide some explanations about the differences between these fields? If anyone works in either of those fields, can you explain in detail what your job...