Kaplan MCAT Resources (Course Workbook, 7 review books, + 1400 flashcards) for sale!

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Apr 3, 2015
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Hey SDN family,

Just got my MCAT scores back (did really well! :)) and am now looking to sell my review resources from the Kaplan course I took to study. This includes:

-the most recent 7 book subject review (CARS, Physics and Math, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, and Behavioral Sciences)
-Kaplan Course Workbook (Has all the practice passages and lessons from the course)
-1400 Flashcards (1000 from Kaplan and 400 from Barron's)

All resources are in very good condition with only a few markings, mostly in the workbook. I wrote mostly in pencil so I will erase most of them but some pen markings remain where I filled in passages or annotated.

Asking $150 (including shipping) or best offer. Thanks and good luck to anyone beginning their studying this summer!! PM me with offers.

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Hi I'm interested in purchasing this. Could you let me know how we should go about this?