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  1. A

    Does is matter when I take A&P?

    I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year. I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall...
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  3. jdubs1984

    Advice on possible medical or age discrimination in university acceptance.

    Hello Everyone, I've been rejected from the 4 year university I applied to transfer to from my community college. I'm unsure how I would not be in the top pool of applicants unless they are holding my medical withdrawals against me from years ago. I have a 3.2~ over the years, I'm currently...
  4. T

    Medical Student thinking of applying to Advanced Residency Position as a PGY-2 in Internal Medicine: Thoughts?

    Disclaimer: So first of all, I would like to start by saying that a very similar question to mine has been asked in the past, but that person had a different situation than mine so I wanted to hear your thoughts on my specific situation. Thank you. So guys so I just found out that I did not...
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    Help with schedule

    Hello, I don't know if this is in the right place.. I have only posted one other time and didn't get yelled at, so hopefully this is okay too haha. I'm going into my second year of school, I am 27 years old, so my first 2 semesters consisted of your basic classes at a CC (humanities, English 1...
  6. F

    Need advice on possible transfer from TCOM to NOVA

    Please delete thread. Thank you to everyone that took the time to reply.
  7. Fox621

    How awesome is KSU?

    Hey guys! I'm finishing up my first year as an international student at the Atlantic Veterinary College up here in Canada, but my dream has always been to graduate from Kansas State University. I teched at an EC for 5 years and the two most incredible DVMs I have met graduated from K-State...