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Nov 21, 2016
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Hey guys! I'm finishing up my first year as an international student at the Atlantic Veterinary College up here in Canada, but my dream has always been to graduate from Kansas State University.

I teched at an EC for 5 years and the two most incredible DVMs I have met graduated from K-State. They were so knowledgeable and calm in the middle of crisis. They were also the most talented surgeons I have worked with. So. Cool.

If any current/past KSU students dont mind sharing their experiences with me, I would be forever grateful. I'm specifically interested in::

-what opportunities does Kansas State U offer students in regards to surgery? Do you guys get wet labs to practice outside of normal school time, and if so, what are they like? And do you get to cut anything in 3rd year? (im super interested in surgery, so any info on sx would be amazing!!!)

- what was your experience with the professors and what are your favourite parts of the program so far or looking back? do they do anything for mental health? do they foster an environment for friendship and support? if so, how do they do this?

-im also really interested in pathology and any info you have on special/cool path opportunities that you have would be AMAZING, like are your professors well known for path? or do they teach it really well? or do they have cool wet labs?

thank you so much, I know you guys must be swamped but my little k-state loving heart thanks you all for any info, it seems like a wonderful school.
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