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Aug 1, 2018
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I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year.

I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall. Does it matter when I take them, bc I want PT schools to know I did good in these classes when I apply next summer

It may work better for my schedule to take OChem 2 honors ( not offered in Fall) in the Spring, and the do my anatomy credits senior year.

Would PT schools feel iffy about me doing anatomy of all things last minute? Ik you can only wrap up 2 pre reqs the May before grad school.

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Aug 6, 2023
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From my knowledge, PT schools just want the prereq classes to be done within the past 5-7ish years. Doesn't matter when you take them as long as they are done within the time frame. Obviously, find the schools you are interested in and usually under the prerequisite tabs they will state what their requirement is for the time frame.
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