advice; graduation; please help

  1. G

    Unique situation, please help

    Hello everyone! I am in desperate need of help preparing for the CPJE. I graduated with my PharmD in 2017 from NY. I moved to CA right after. I passed the NAPLEX. I failed to CPJE twice. I have not been active and employed in pharmacy since 05/2018. I have not kept up with material due to...
  2. dr.dbz

    Serious question for serious professionals

    It's been ages SDN, good to see you again. Coming back to these forums in my senior year as a pre-pharm, looking to glean some guidance from the depths of your ever-insightful wells of wisdom and guidance lol (but seriously, I remember some of you being quite articulate and pleasant from my...
  3. disharmony

    Looking for Advice

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a confused situation and need some advice. It looks like in all likelihood I won't get into dental school this cycle. I applied to six schools, one of which I just interviewed at, though I feel as if I didn't adequately sell myself, two that haven't yet offered an...
  4. I

    help! overlapping graduations

    I am seeking advice...I will be defending my thesis and receiving my MA in route to my doctorate this May. Unfortunately, my graduation/walk date falls on the same day as my sister in laws graduation, who is receiving her Ph.D. I have worked hard for my degree, and was excited to walk (and my...