advice; graduation; please help

  1. dr.dbz

    Serious question for serious professionals

    It's been ages SDN, good to see you again. Coming back to these forums in my senior year as a pre-pharm, looking to glean some guidance from the depths of your ever-insightful wells of wisdom and guidance lol (but seriously, I remember some of you being quite articulate and pleasant from my...
  2. disharmony

    Looking for Advice

    Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a confused situation and need some advice. It looks like in all likelihood I won't get into dental school this cycle. I applied to six schools, one of which I just interviewed at, though I feel as if I didn't adequately sell myself, two that haven't yet offered an...
  3. I

    help! overlapping graduations

    I am seeking advice...I will be defending my thesis and receiving my MA in route to my doctorate this May. Unfortunately, my graduation/walk date falls on the same day as my sister in laws graduation, who is receiving her Ph.D. I have worked hard for my degree, and was excited to walk (and my...