1. D


  2. K

    How will my GPA from a previous college affect my application?

    I posted about this previously but have a few more specific questions. I'm currently in a PharmD program, finished my premed minor, and currently have a cumulative GPA of 3.94. I had a hard time transitioning from high school to college and end up at a state college with no major for a total of...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    Recommendation Letter Confusion... Help please!

    Hello, everyone! So, everywhere I read everyone seems to have the same general advice regarding recommendation letters, namely, the "basis" being 2 recommendation letters from a science professor who gave you a grade, and 1 from a non-science professor who gave you a grade. I know people...
  4. TragicalDrFaust

    Is my pre-health advisor full of it?

    I'm a first semester senior majoring in biochem at a state school. I haven't taken the MCAT yet. My GPA and sGPA are both a little over 3.7 (although I did my first two years a community college, which I know works against me), so not stellar. I've been a medical scribe since this summer and I...
  5. N

    Is my pre-med advisor right regarding coursework?

    I'll be a senior next year, only seriously started down the pre-med path my junior year, though I'd taken some science coursework, and thus some pre-reqs, out of interest in my previous two years. My pre-med advisor is advising that I take more than the usual course load for my school to finish...
  6. KPstudent

    Pre-Health Advisor advice?

    Hi SDN members, Does anyone have advice for any really good pre-health advisor services? There is a really good chance I will have to reapply for next cycle, and really don't know why I was unsuccessful this time around. My university advisor told me to apply to a wide range of schools...
  7. M

    When to contact potential thesis advisors?

    If I'm applying MD/PhD for the upcoming cycle, should I contact potential thesis advisors like I would do for normal graduate school admissions? If so when?
  8. A

    Has anyone heard of Resident Medical Group tutors?

    Has anyone use Resident Medical Group (or Residents Medical Group) for Step 1 tutoring? If so did you find it helpful? They are super pricey but I was wondering if anyone found their tutors/methods helpful? Thanks!
  9. areal pigcat

    Where I can find pre health advisor?

    Hello there, I'm in communicate college now and I don't know how do I find pre health advisor. Can someone give me some advice please? I live in LA. Should I go to UCLA? But, they only see Ucla student. Thanks.