aerospace medicine

  1. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    Aerospace Medicine Question: Beneficial to Get Private Pilot's License or Waste of Money

    Hey All, So I am a pre-med interested in aerospace medicine (space med in particular) and would like to begin getting some experience. I'm currently applying to some EMT positions on AFBs but was wondering if it would be beneficial to go after my private pilot's license or if it would be a...
  2. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    MD Applicant: Should I Refrain From Mentioning This To Schools?

    Hey all, So I have known for a little over a year now that I want to pursue a career in aerospace medicine, specifically to study and treat the health conditions associated with space travel. I am concerned about how this will look to medical schools, as all of them seem very focused on...
  3. Sunna12

    NASA aerospace med clerkship

    Has anyone participated in NASA's aerospace medicine clerkship?
  4. EngineerMedic

    Bioastronautics/Space Medicine Research

    I'm curious about which universities do research in bioastronautics, space medicine, etc. So far the only ones I've found are MIT/Harvard (Bioastronautics Training Program | Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology), University of Colorado - Boulder (Bioastronautics), and Texas A&M (Graduate...
  5. 2

    Air Force Reserves Aerospace Medicine Specialist

    Hi I'm new here. I'm still an undergraduate, so this may be a bit far off for me. I was wondering if anyone knows exactly what are the steps to becoming an aerospace medicine specialist in the air force reserves? I couldn't find much detailed information on it anywhere.