affirmative action

  1. A

    FAQ on med school affirmative action and URM recruitment from an adcom member (emeritus)

    Dear members of the SDN community, I am an internist with over three decades of experience on medical school admissions committees. As I am recently retired from this particular duty I can speak freely here, and give some insight into the workings of affirmative action among those of us who...
  2. Vladimir7

    Why is Affirmative Action bad?

    Socioeconomically speaking, I can't see why some people say it should be gotten rid of. Say a student, who works hard, and has the family support to afford a tutor gets a 4.0 GPA. Say another student, who works hard, but can't get a tutor gets a 3.5 GPA. Note: this extrapolates to MCAT...
  3. PlsHelp

    Rhodes Scholar Question

    What's the lowest GPA for this? I read the list of people who won this year. There were some amazing ones that were PoC, but I noticed that the white females who won were not nearly as impressive..as in, they did photography or something and wrote for huffpost once. Wondering if this is...