1. medstudent1215

    Alabama COM Interview Coordination

    Hey, I was hoping to make a thread specific for coordinating some travel expenses together for hotels, transportation, etc. I guess I'll start off by noting that I am interviewing on 8/17/2018. I will be arriving into Dothan fairly late (around 10:00 pm) on the 16th but am interested in...
  2. N

    Current job market in Alabama and Missouri?

    Does anyone happen to know how tough it is to find a pharmacist job in these two states?
  3. P

    University of South Alabama DPT Interview

    Hi guys! I have an interview with USA on Feb 16th. Can anybody tell me what kind of questions would they ask and how do they conduct interviews? Thank you
  4. Rogue42

    DO Late Admission for DO school advice

    Hey guys, I am having a really hard time trying to find any solid information on exactly how much longer the DO cycle is than the MD. It is well understood that September is pretty much the latest date to apply for an opportunity for MD school; however, I have not found anything that specific...
  5. Michael Furlong

    Veterinary Practice For Sale (Alabama)

    Small Animal Clinic for Sale in Central Alabama Located in Central Alabama, this doctor, animal hospital is a great opportunity to own a thriving Veterinary Practice. This busy profitable practice grossed $633,000 in 2016 and has an increasing trend in 2017. Personal income to owner (after...
  6. drpastry

    MD 3.8 cGPA, 3.6 sGPA, 509 (125 C/P) MCAT, IL/AL non-trad

  7. DedosdelosPies

    Unspoken of Residency Programs

    Does anyone have any information about the following externships/residencies: DVA AL, DVA Atlanta or Mountain Home? That is, has anyone done an externship or residency there or know of anyone who has? I'm looking for program emphasis, research, ability to get surgical numbers, hours worked...
  8. A

    University of South Alabama 2015-2016 status

    Has anyone heard back from USA during this application cycle? I submitted my application pretty early in the cycle and haven't heard anything one way or the other.
  9. jtm0021

    GA-PCOM Clinical Sites

    It looks like most of the threads on this topic are old so I was wondering if any current students could give me an update on GA PCOM clinical sites for AL? Will GA-PCOM students still be able to clinical rotations at Grandview (aka the new Trinity) now that the move is taking place? Just got...