alternate pathway

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    IR & Alternate Pathway

    In the context of current plans to cease ACGME accredited VIR fellowships on 2020, it seems that it's going to be impossible to get board certified through alternate pathway for VIR soon. Any thoughts?
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    Alternatives to my situation

    Hello, all posting because I believe I have found my self "stuck between a rock and a hard place". I going into my Jr. year of college and trying to figure out my aspiring dream of becoming a dentist. Currently, my GPA at my college is a 3.67 at the college I am attending at a 3.5 at the...
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    Junior Faculty Position in Alternate Pathway

    Dear colleagues & attending radiologists, I've found vast amount of information regarding the ABR alternate pathway hovewer I couldn't find any info for compensation after fellowship a.k.a 'junior faculty' years. Is it like eg. pgy-7? I'd appreciate any info you can share.