amedd bolc

  1. S

    Army PCS without completing BOLC

    I'm a female, army HPSP grad, and currently in residency. My husband and I are considering starting a family near the end of my residency. Due to the DCC changes, I have yet to complete BOLC. Normally I would complete BOLC before starting my first PCS, but I will hopefully be pregnant at the end...
  2. T

    [MDSSP] DCC and BOLC before starting medical school

    Hey everyone, Here is my timeline for reference: January 2022 - May 2022: Senior semester 1 August 2022 - December 2022: Senior semester 2 and graduation July 2023: Begin medical school (I have a deferred acceptance) I’ve been talking with my recruiter to get the MDSSP ball rolling, and he...
  3. ijustwannasaveppl

    Army Becoming Surgeon for FST

    Hi guys. I want to be a surgeon on an Army Forward Surgical Team, and I'm not sure what steps to take. The recruiter at my dual credit program is just interested in high school grads he can send to basic. (surprise, surprise!) ;)I'm a hs senior and not in it for the money; I am genuinely excited...
  4. JMK16

    AMEDD BLOC packing list

    I was just selected for 71A (Microbiologist) and will most likely be attending the March AMEDD BOLC (as long as scroll gets done before February) I have tried to find a recent packing list, but only thing I found was from 2010. The BOLC website no longer has the handbook with packing list...