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    Canadian applying to american dental schools

    Hi guys, I'm a Canadian citizen and I'm going to be writing my Canadian DAT in November. I'm applying to Canadian and American schools (only the ones which say they accept Canadian DAT). However, the Canadian DAT is different from the American since it does not contain an organic chemistry...
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    Canadian Applying to US Med SChools

    Hey guys, I'm currently going into my 4th at the University of British Columbia with a major in Biology and I'm a Canadian. My first year and a half in university was quite rough (in terms of my grades) and that has hugely set me back in my goal in getting accepted into med school. Based on what...
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    Canadian undergrad applying to American schools. Please help!

    Hey guys, I've posted before, but I've updated my school list and also figured out an accurate number of EC hours. I really just want to make sure I'm not wasting my time applying to poor school choices :( so I'll get right into it: Biochem major going into my senior year cGPA: 3.95 sGPA...