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    The Typical 'W' Post

    I know there are so many threads like this out there, but I haven't been able to find some usable advice for my current circumstances... so I need some SDN help! I'm currently a second-semester sophomore pursuing a B.S. in Biochemistry degree, and here is my schedule: Introductory Biology...
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    Do you have to take analytical chem at your school?

    My schools suggested premed route is very weird. In fact, in order to take Orgo II Lab, Analytical chemistry (lecture & lab) is a pre req. Are most schools like this? I thought analytical wasn't usually a premed requirement...but it seems like there's no way i can get out of it since i need orgo 2
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    Lab members keep messing up. What to do?

    Im in achem and while the previous experiments have been individual labs, we are now doing group labs. The 2 other members are nice, but they keep on screwing up and causing us to start over or not finish in time. The first lab, one guy added in a wrong reagent (which he admits) in the middle of...