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  1. P

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD Program Housing

    Hello, this may be a shot in the dark but I was recently just accepted to Concordia University Ann Arbor OTD program! It is a fairly new program but I was wondering if anybody on here knows where to find apartments, needs a roommate, or simply connect before classes start!
  2. MessingAround

    Renting Room and Apartment to rent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ideal for Aways

    Hey I'm renting out an apartment and a room in a different apartment in Ann Arbor perfect for Students on vacation. I'm a PM&R resident at UoM and would be your roommate if you choose the room over the entire apartment. Always welcome to hang out with me and my fellow residents while here and no...
  3. S

    Study Buddy needed- Step 1

    Hey! Looking for a step 1 study buddy. Looking to take my exam in January, 2016 . I am based in Ann Arbor. Would love to meet once a week to review and keep each other motivated. I went to a caribbean med school: St. Matthews. email:[email protected] Thanks.
  4. A

    Renting Ann Arbor/Univ of Michigan 2br/2bath apt avail mid March-

    Hi everyone, My husband and I are closing on a house so we need to find someone to sublet our apartment in Ann Arbor. About 2 miles from the University of Michigan campus, it's a great 2 bedroom 2 bathroom with a gas fireplace, your own washer/dryer, and a walk-out patio that faces a private...