1. S

    Rosalind Franklin - Any News??

    Hi all, I have been anxiously waiting to hear ANYTHING back from Rosalind Franklin and wanted to know if anyone knows when the last interview is and when you would get an invite. My application was verified August 8th. The last email I received from them was September 25th saying that my...
  2. futuredent6

    Struggling in Undergrad

    Hey everyone. I am new on here and I am currently struggling in my school and in the process of transferring to a new one. I graduated from high school in 2014 and attended a private university as a freshman. I ended up becoming severily depressed and took a medical withdrawal. I returned in...
  3. FutureDoctorX-men


    Hi everyone, This is my very first time writing a thread on any online forum so please bare with me. Just a little background, I am in my 2nd year in University and I have failed 3 of my courses. They are Statistics, a Biology class, and a History class. In addition, I'm only a 'C' student...
  4. 1

    Advice on Post-Bacc Decision

    I am a college graduate from a 2nd tier school. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA and a lot of extra circulars. I just wasn't ready for college at the age of 18 but managed to pull great grades my junior and senior year of college. I am now interested in pursuing medicine however I can. I did not get...