ap chemistry

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    Senior Year Classes

    I am scheduling for my senior year of high school soon, and am a little conflicted on what classes I should take. This year I am taking AP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology 1, Honors Pre-calc, as well as AP Comp Sci, and a Digital Electronics Engineering class (PLTW). My main conflict is whether...
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    Do vet schools look at AP scores?

    I am a current senior and I recently took the AP chemistry test. My college will accept either a 4 or a 5 for the same credit, so theoretically I could get a 4 and still place into the same courses as I would with a 5. I was wondering if colleges look at AP scores that placed a student out of a...
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    AP Chem problem! Please help! About barometers and gas laws

    an open ended mercury barometer has a height of 205 mm with the injection of a gas at 565 mmhg. The liquid in the arm, which is exposed to the air, has a height of 45 mm at the same temperature. What is the atmospheric pressure in torr? Thank you in advance for all responses :)