application 2020

  1. P

    Advice? What are my chances ?

    Hi everyone ! I recently applied to 15 schools (10 DO schools and 5 in states MD schools, FLORIDA) for this application cycle of 2020. Some quick stats... MCAT : 499 (44th percentile) Chem/physics: 125 54% CARS : 122 23% Bio: 125 51% Psych: 127 70% Overall Bachelors of science in nursing...
  2. future_tooth_dr

    Application Question: Comment on your DAT performance

    UNC's secondary application asks the question "comment on your DAT performance". I am a little torn on how to answer this question. My DAT scores are just average. 20 AA and 19 TS. I got a 22 on PAT, but an 18 on Bio. I don't know how to answer this question, because there's not much to say...
  3. Z

    Application timeline question- Should I apply this cycle?

    Hello, So I'm currently on my 3rd gap year and planning to apply to med school this cycle. I'm interested in applying to both MD and DO schools, but I'm planning on taking the MCAT near end of August/beginning of September. I've been averaging 505/506 on NextStep practice exams, but want to...