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  1. D

    WAMC- low undergrad gpa, ongoing masters

    Date of submission: Mid-June Overall GPA- Undergrad: 3.0 Science GPA- Undergrad: 2.9 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.3 Masters GPA (ongoing)- 3.6 (will most likely end with a 3.7) DAT score (include AA and all sections): 22AA, 20TS, 22 PAT, 21 GCHEM, 19 BIO, 24 QR, 24 RC, 21 OCHEM State of Residence...
  2. Fallenfromgrace

    Dental schools that calculate GPA w/ grade replacement

    I know that ADEA AADSAS takes all grades into account for their GPA calculation, but the official calculation page also says that "Many college/universities count only the 'new' grade in the repeated course(s) in GPA computation" in case you've repeated a course. Does anyone have a list or know...
  3. Dentistmsh

    *HELP* What are my chances? Should I wait?

    Hello friends, I am a graduating, *very anxious* Canadian student applying this upcoming cycle to NYU and Boston. Please take a look at my stats: cumulative GPA: 3.5 science GPA: 3.2 Canadian DAT: ST 18, AA 19, PA 20 I have an average amount of shadowing hours and dentistry-related ECs...
  4. H

    When to submit application

    Hello I am planning on applying this cycle but my gpa is very low. I was planning on taking some courses to try to raise my gpa this spring. My final grades won't come out til end of june. Should I still try to submit first batch and update after my grades come out or just submit after june...