application on hold

  1. B

    On Hold at SUNY

    Hello all! I got put on hold at SUNY a month ago and possibly won't be hearing back until late April. I am wondering if there are any other applicants that are also put on hold. Are my chances of being accepted lower than compared to that of being waitlisted? Thank you!
  2. diana2000

    Application on hold

    Roosevelt university reached out to me and said my application is on hold until they get my fall semester grades (current semester) in? is that a good sign or bad sign?? i’ve been asked for interviews for 6 other schools i applied to but this is the first time i’ve ever heard of a hold? my...
  3. P

    UOP class of 2020

    Has anyone received an email from UOP after interviewing saying your app was put on hold for later review? Does anyone know what that means and what are the chances of getting accepted?