application questions

  1. trying2bedentist

    Undelivered AADSAS Application Question

    I made a mistake with my transcript entry. I guess I should've shelled out the $65 and left it to the professionals, oops. I received the notification early yesterday morning (8/25) and corrected the error and resubmitted today. Has anyone had this happen before, and what sort of timeline does...
  2. H

    Help on Application

    I have a question about how to word an experience on my application. I have spent this summer at a family practice where I assist the nurses in taking vitals, discussing care with the doctors, taking phone calls, etc. I’ve aquired about 150 hrs at the office but don’t know what to classify them...
  3. R

    Dental Application questions

    I was going through my application and saw this question on some of the schools. "Is there anything else you want (dental school) to know that is not included in this application? " Does anyone know how to answer this question. I don't know what to write that I haven't already said in my...
  4. W

    Dental School Application - Transfer Credits

    Hi! I've been wondering about how to input transfer credits. I've transferred a few credits from another school to my primary school. Can I use the course code for the transferred credits that is recorded on my primary school transcript? Or do I have to contact my old school to get their actual...