application status

  1. K

    PTCAS Application Question

    Hey everybody, hope your application process is going well! I'm a little bit confused on what happens after I submit my application and was wondering if somebody could clear that up for me. So I've submitted my application, all my transcripts have been received, all my observation hours...
  2. R

    Late Transcript, Incomplete Application Status at Time of Deadline

    Hi everyone! To summarize my situation, I messed up and haven't gotten my transcripts sent to PTCAS for verification and my deadline is Monday the 17th (University of Montana PT Program). I have everything else done and my questions are AM I SCREWED? and WHAT SHOULD I DO? I am curious if I can...
  3. IndianLake

    Application Status Question - Ohio State University

    I had a question about my status on AADSAS for OSU and wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience. So I got my full application submitted (including supplement) to OSU by the third week of August. After it was submitted, my status on AADSAS changed to Under Review. On September...