1. someguy313

    Ocular Anatomy App for IPad?

    Anybody know of any good apps for iPad or other resources that helped them with their ocular anatomy class? I downloaded one called “visible body” which I used for my general human anatomy class, and it was excellent for that class. However, it doesn’t get as detailed into the eye with its...
  2. C

    Medical apps

    Hi guys, What medical apps do You use while learning? I usually use UpToDate, Figure 1, MEDizzy and Essential Anatomy. Can you recommend other interesting apps??
  3. bschaefer97

    How should I list this EC?

    Hi all, I recently developed a program at my university with the dean of the college I am in (a new minor) and was wondering how I should list this, or if I even should list it at all. Is this worth mentioning? If it matters, the program is a minor in a pre-medical related field (probably...
  4. surely

    App or website to optimize sleep schedule for shift work?

    Has anyone come across an app or a website that will schedule optimal sleeping periods for you after you enter in your work/lecture schedule? By "optimal," I mean sleeping periods that last the right number of hours while also providing the most gradual transitions when going from day shifts to...
  5. M

    Software or apps for medical words?

    Hello everyone, I used to type so many medical words for my projects, but I am always spending so much time to search for the correct spelling. Do you use any software or app to save you time and misspelling words? Thank you!
  6. D

    Technology Moonlighting app

    I am a UK-trained physician with board certification in IM. I've got about 4 years of practice under my belt. I was getting pretty restless in my job (doctors in the UK have it tough...) so I started looking around for other opportunities and ended up with a generous scholarship to do an MPH...
  7. M

    App for Advice & Interview Practice

    My problem. I found it very difficult to find a current medical student to talk to when I was applying. Sure, I wanted to have a lengthy conversation to calm all the fears I was having (as with any premed) but more importantly, I want to talk to someone in the thick of it. More, it took me two...
  8. CaptainAwesome92

    Quick Coursework Q (Labs)

    Hey everyone! I'm curious about if my UCLA Chem 20L, 30AL, and 30BL classes count as "lab only" or "lecture/lab". They all included basically one hour of lecture and three hours of lab every week, and our final grade included a midterm and final written exam in addition to the work we had done...
  9. FancyFloss

    Android/iPhone/Computer Free Apps

    Does anyone have a list of FREE apps for mobile or PC/Mac to use while studying for the DAT?
  10. Engineering&Dental

    Free iPhone App for Angle Ranking

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dat-angle/id1114175055?mt=8 Hi guys, an app I've been working on to help study for the Angle Ranking portion of the DAT just went live on the App Store. It's free. I decided to create some affordable apps after seeing how expensive is it to get prep material...
  11. bmattson

    Technology The world's first medical algorithm wiki

    The world's first medical algorithm wiki