arizona school of dentistry

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    Where To Go From Here?

    I applied only to Iowa this past cycle and got an interview, but was denied - I was wondering what is necessary for my application to be competitive at the schools I listed when I apply next cycle. Overall GPA: 3.35 Science GPA: 3.15 DAT score: AA: 19, BIO: 18, GC: 18, OC: 18 QR: 20, RC: 19...
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    ASDOH Secondary Application - Work Experience?

    I am in the processes of completing the ASDOH secondary app which I find to be the most tedious so far, but anyways, I am on the experiences section and I have not had a dental related job in which I was paid for but I have the other two categories filled out. Is it necessary to have had a...
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    Arizona School of Dentistry Information ?

    Just wondering if anyone has already interviewed here and can give me some information on the school.. I am going in a couple weeks but I have never done a mini interview group thingy, it seems kinda scary.. I also noticed the email said something about manual dexterity trial.. And yes I know...