1. D

    Should I Become A Doctor?

    Hello, I'm new here and I've read similar posts on this topic. Though there's a lot of great insight and discussion, I was hoping for some specific advice regarding my situation. I've enrolled in a community college as a biology major, and honestly, I feel like I'm having an identity crisis...
  2. S

    Psychiatry and Art

    I’m not sure that I have a specific idea for the direction of this thread but I’ve been having a growing sentiment recently that I was wondering if other people shared. Since moving to a new city for residency that happens to have multiple awesome and free art museums (one of which is a block...
  3. catmullclark

    Creatives in Medicine - Where are you?

    Artists, musicians, producers, photographers, cinematographers, etc. where you at? What/who inspires you to continue creating at the same time that you're pursuing medicine? New: Given that so many of you have these creative interests outside of medicine, what's on your radar right now in terms...
  4. P

    For Sale Vintage Medical Frames (lithograph/art) for sale

    Hi, I am moving and need to sell these two frames outlining the nervous system. They light up and work well as art pieces. Available in Montreal. Please see link below. Thanks! Vintage Medical Frames (Lithograph/art) | art, collectibles | City of Montréal | Kijiji
  5. L

    General Admissions & OTCAS Theatre Degree and OT

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to this site and also in my pursuit of getting into Occuparional Therapy school. I have a BA in Theatre and BS in Rehabilitation Studies, and I was wondering if this looks good to university admissions? I didn't take any hard sciences or psych in undergrad so I plan to...
  6. smileyfacegirl27

    Taking mostly art/easy classes senior/junior year?

    Hey all:) So I'm a Bio major, thinking of adding a Studio Art Minor. I would be taking 7 art classes in my last three semesters of college. Would having this many "fluff" courses all together look bad to adcom's, especially if all I have left to take is a few random humanities? I've done all my...
  7. N

    Give up or keep going, and where to apply?

    Apologies for what looks like double-posting but it's two separate issues. I'm in my last semester of post-bacc classes and have my MCAT scheduled and am all set to apply and am not sure I will be thrilled with months and months of absolute silence that follows, so I'm just going to list pros...
  8. Hospitalized

    Serious: The MCAT should allow CTRL+F for CARS...

    ...Because this is the only scenario in my life when I'm reading something on the computer and I won't be allowed to CTRL+F.
  9. C

    Examples of Dermatoses in Art

    Hey all you dermatologists, I am aware that this is not an art history forum, and that discussion on sdn is usually very medically-grounded, but I was curious if anyone was aware of examples of cutaneous conditions and dermatoses in famous art work in the past. Since skin is our most apparent...
  10. S

    Medical School Film Series

    Hi everyone, I'm preparing to enter medical school here at the University of Oklahoma in the fall, and couldn't be more excited about it. I know it's my #1 job to keep up with the material every day and never let that slip, but I've been giving serious thought to the possibility of bringing a...
  11. shirelady

    Do vet schools like art students?

    I'll be applying to vet school in Fall of 2017, but I'm pretty nervous about my chances. My GPA isn't phenomenal, currently a 3.2 although I'm trying to improve it, and my hours aren't great either. I've got several hundred animal experience hours because I work at a horse farm and volunteer at...